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Black and White

Black and white,
Blur the line,
Shades of gray.
What I see is not so simple.
No purity in good and evil;
Only combinations and variations.
A necessary lie and a harmful truth.
The Power in your hands

You hold my life in your hands.
You have all the power.
Need I trust you with my life?
Too much power in the hands of a man.

Too much power without my control.
Not just a tool
Power, pain, fear and death.
All in your hands.
Too easy to take a life.
Too much power in the hands of a stranger.

You feel like a big man, don’t you?
You feel the power surge through you.
No longer a man, now a god.
Take my life with a flick of your finger.

March of the Pawns

You are blind
Standing in a line
Following the fools before you
I warned you
But you follow anyway

Where’s the source of my inspiration?
Where’s the voice of my generation?
What’s my course and where’s my destination?
Do you hear my cry of desperation?

There you are.
You’re not hard to find.
You’re the walking billboard sign.
Decked out in Benjamin worthy Nikes
and logos that can be seen at 100 paces.
I know your brand names before I see your faces.